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Dr Gallagher has worked in scientific roles in a number of different sectors. She is a natural self-starter, networker and collaborator.

About SysPro

SysPro;Systems for Progress Limited is a boutique consultancy based in Ireland that works across Europe with an interdisciplinarian focus.
SysPro creates a framework for organisations to ensure they develop and grow, sustaining themselves into the future.  We empower organisations to create competitive sustainable strategies.

SysPro can broker using a safe space to engage people from different organisations and disciplines to engage in negotiation and create win-win situations. We have proven expertise in silo breaking and are a known solution maker.
We provide a translation service between academia and business and are known to get the job done, on time and in budget


SysPro’s vision is to create a sustainable
future that’s possible today


SysPro’s mission is to seek sustainable solutions, communicate and deploy. To be a lighthouse in a sea of uncertainty, shining light in a changing world. To highlight people, places and things that can make a difference in creating a sustainable world.

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