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Energy Efficiency

SysPro is passionate about the environment, building sustainable communities and ecological building design. We work with other professionals to ensure on time, in budget service to the customer;

  • Project management & Supervision
  • Energy Efficiency Strategy
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Energy auditing
  • Environmental material selection and strategies
  • Advanced Thermal and moisture Modelling
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Grant and Tax Incentives information
  • Certified Passive consultancy
  • Architectural Design and detailing

SEAI has recently produced an energy policy publication entitled Unlocking-the-Energy-Efficiency-Opportunity-Summary-for-Policymakers 

This examines the potential savings that could be gained should Ireland take the opportunity to become a sustainable state. SEAI supports initiatives by providing a support system Grants

There are many opportunities to significantly save on the energy and cost for heating, cooling, office equipment, appliances lighting, fan, and pump systems.  If you are interested in making your business or community more energy efficient please contact us today.