Feasibility study

Feasibility Study
SysPro:Systems for Progress Limited conducts commercial feasibility study
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Business Model
At SysPro, we thrive on change. We can help develop new business models for your business
Strategy & Governance
SysPro can establish risks, structures and plans to support your business going forward
Circular Economy
SysPro can support your needs in the circular economy, from procurement, to non financial auditing to reporting
Business Plan
Using methodology garnered from MIT and University of Birmingham, SysPro provides a clear step by step plan to provide you and investors to push forward to success.
SysPro supports organisations in their search for sustainable solutions to an ever changing world
SysPro investigates the impact of PASTLE on your product
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SWOT Analysis
SysPro conducts a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
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What does your Sales Funnel look like?
SysPro can explore are you using all your channels and identifying the best route to market for your product.
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Risk Analysis
SysPro uncovers risks during annual reviews of the organisations strategy operations finance
Research and Development (R&D)
SysPro can broker deals with academia to support industry in the R&D sector.
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SysPro specialise in environmental training, all aspects of sustainability, mapping and reporting.

SysPro:Systems for Progress Limited conducts commercial feasibility study which aim to determine the commercial viability of a start-up business/product or an existing business’s expansion into an innovative product or process.Background on the area and objectives of the study are required and strict confidentiality is provided. Financial support may be a possibility for Irish business and start ups.

We will ask simple questions, such as

What is the current practise/status quo?

What is the problem?

How will the new product/process/service change the status quo?

What is your proposal?